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Welcome to the Clan MacNicol, Queensland Web Site!

In this we will present some information regarding our ancient Clan and introduce you to our Queensland Society.

The following pages describe the activities of our Clan group in Brisbane through our Activities page which shows the various dinners and Scottish Celebrations in Queensland and Australia which our members attend.

Brief Australian histories of four different family groups in Queensland are presented in articles which are distinguished by connections with other families in Scotland,  by the areas from which they came or the places where they originally settled here in Australia

1. WEDDERBURN - NICOL family:  Arrived in 1840

They are called Wedderburn-Nicol because of their relationship to the Wedderburn family (the leading Merchant family of Dundee) and the Scrimgeone-Wedderburn family (Earl of Dundee).

2. BIG RIVER - NICOL family:  Arrived in 1848

They are called this because of their involvement with shipping in the "Big River" area of Northern New South Wales.

3. HUNTER - NICOL family:  Arrived in 1849

They are called Hunter-Nicol because of their relationship with the Hunters, a leading Scottish Cotton Milling family and a Governor of Malta.

4. ISLE OF ARRAN - NICOL family:  Arrived in 1854

Called this because they came from the Isle of Arran off the West Coast of Argyll.