Glen Alice Nicholsons
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                  The Glen Alice (NSW) NICHOLSON FAMILY  

The Nicholson Family came to Australia in 1857 at the instigation of the McLean's from the Isle of Skye and settled in the Capertee Valley.

The Nicholson's or (McNicol) appear to have emigrated to Skye where the McLeods had extensive possessions. The lands of Scorrybreac near Portree were in the possession of the Nicholsons for several centuries.  The Clan played an important part in the history of Skye; from time to time their names appear in Loyal records.

The Rev. Donald Nicholson was Chief of the Scorrybreac family at the end of 17th Century and was Minister of Troternish for over 30 years.  He was a strong Episcopalian and resigned his charge in 1696 only because of his opposition to Presbyterianism which had become the established Church.

Some of the McNichols emigrated to New Zealand and there was a strong branch of the family in Argyllshire.

In 1778 on the Isle of Skye Samual Nicholson was born, as was Catherine Finlayson in 1783.  They married on 14th February 1805. It is presumed they had several children, but only the birth of Alexander on 30th October 1819 is known.  He, (Samual) married Christina Nicholson (a remote relative) on the 15th February 1842.  Her parents being John and Catherine Nicholson.   Alexander and Christy as she was known had 5 children.  Samual 1843, Catherine (known as Kate) 1845, Christina 1849, Euphenia 1851 (Effie) and John, 1855.  In 1857 at the instigation of the McLeans, Alexander and family emigrated to Australia and settled in the Capertee Valley.  Also with them were Christy's brothers Allan and Donald and their families.  The ship they came out on was the "Boanerges" which left Liverpool and arrived in Sydney on 26th October 1857.  On board the "Boanerges", 3 Males and 3 Females were born - 20 Males and 3 Females died on the voyage. The Ship was 1440 tons and each adult shipped gained the shipowners a bounty.

They settled in Glen Alice Valley and in July 1859 Mary was born.  While it was extremely different from what they came from, they never left the Valley.  Christy was good at nursing and was often called upon to tend the sick and act as Midwife.  Many stories have been handed down and one of the oldest is:  A Visiting Parson riding through the valley calling on the people, asked at one house "are there any more Christians further up the Valley and was told "No, there are only the Nicholsons".

Samual was listed as labourer or Mail Contractor.  The said Samual married Ann Marie Donoghue of Kandos on 26.11.1879. They had 10 children, first still born.  Alice and Alexander died as children, Marie, Christina, Katherine (Mrs. T. T. Lloyd), Alien, Donald, Colin, Ludovic all now are deceased.

Allan married Annie Jane Williams in January 1913. Their family being Myrtle (Mrs. D. Tranter), Marcella (Mrs. Dye), Allan, Gordon (Scotty), Norvel, Olga (Mrs. B. Auld).  All the older Nicholsons were buried in the old Cemetery at Glen Alice.  Head stones are still in good condition after 93 years.